Potential team members  (7/8 grade) looking for at least three more.

1.      Sydney

2.      Kamrey

3.      Camille

4.      Kate

5.    Ashton

6.      Arianna


Start date: As soon as possible. Next week.

Span; February to May (4 months)

Practice Location: Randall on Sundays  3:00-4:30

Cost: Tournament/League fees are paid separately.

Option 1

$600 (includes monthly practices and game coaching) 

Installment payments: 1st:  Feb. 10 = $200             2nd:  Mar. 10 = $200              Final: Apr. 7= $200


Option 2

6 month subscribtion plan for $165 (includes 2 privates, group, team with a six month committment)

*Might be tough to do the group, but the two privates are the most important item*


The plan is start practice in Feb. and start playing in March. We could scrimmage late Feb, probably against my boys. Play for sure once a month locally.

 Click the picture below for the for the Schedule and Monthly Subscription.